PUMA's Nature of Performance campaigns were a platform all about breaking the fourth wall around performance photography.  The aim was to keep the honesty of the performance stage, the lights and the rigging and bring more of the ‘real world’ into an ownable look and feel. For several seasons we experimented with ways to expand and add richness to the campaign approach across multiple product categories.
PUMA needed a way to help communicate their product nomenclature system to consumers on their website as well as in retail stores. Utilizing the talent and charisma of Usain Bolt, we built this "infomercial" style communication based on old health film reels. I wrote the treatment for this and art directed the on-set footage as well as the motion graphic treatment and the music composition.
PUMA briefed television spot as well as an interactive website to support their Mobium running shoe. Once again we explored the campaign platform's esthetic, using the website as a way to document the filming of a single tracking shot that would be the basis for the broadcast spot while at the same time promoting the product features.
These ad concepts were an expansion of PUMA's Nature of Performance creative platform, which was all about breaking the fourth wall around performance photography.

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